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India submits to China’s plan of ‘Iron Fist’ in border standoff

— Doval’s Beijing trip last week changed Delhi’s plan of China containment via border standoff
— Standoff plan designed by a team headed by former Indian Army Chief VK Singh
— After getting reports of China going for ‘Iron Fist’, Delhi begins withdrawing troops from Chinese territory
— Reinforced Infantry battalions, Amour Squadrons, MBRL vehicles withdrawn from forward areas, SU 30s from Mechuka, DBO
— Troops from behind LAC also being moved back to original positions, locations by Saturday night
— Merely 40 to 50 Indian troopers left behind for supervision of certain equipment
— Reports indicate presence of some Indian formations at Bhutan Army camp at Zompelri near the Jampheri Ridge
— Indian army units at Zompelri Camp reported to be having Infantry companies, SATA team, BPM Infantry vehicles, MBRLBs etc
By Makhdoom Babar,
With additional reporting from Christina Palmer & Anjali Sharma

NEW DELHI- After almost a 2-month long standoff with China across Line of Actual Co…
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Nuclear leak in Gujarat may be more serious than the Indian government is claiming

Kumar Sundaram
On March 11, 2016 news came out that there has been a leak at the Kakrapar Atomic Power Station in Indian state of Gujarat. A press statement put out by the plant operator, the Nuclear Power Corporation of India, on that day stated that Unit-1 of the station had to be shut down after the primary heat transport system sprang a leak. The operator reassured that there was no release of radiation and workers were safe.

Since then though, there has been no update – neither from the Nuclear Power Corporation nor from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, which monitors nuclear safety in India. As of writing, it has been three days since the accident.

Blanket of secrecy
It’s not easy to get the picture with incomplete information. We know that on-site emergency was declared in Kakrapar late evening on March 11 although the accident happened, or started, around 9am. But we don’t know if the emergency has been lifted and if the situation has returned to normal.

BC Patni, district ma…

Indian Army scraps Akash Missile system

NEW DELHI: The Army is likely to go for Israeli quick-reaction surface-to-air missiles (QR-SAMs) to take on enemy fighters, helicopters and drones after firmly rejecting any further induction of the much-touted indigenous Akash missiles.

Defence ministry sources said the Army has made it clear that it does not want any more Akash regiments after it gets the first two ordered earlier for Rs 14,180 crore, with six firing batteries and hundreds of missiles each.

This marks a major blow to the ‘Make in India’ policy, especially since the Navy is turning to France for similar requirements after dumping the Akash missiles for its warships due to “stabilisation problems”.
“The Army holds Akash area defence missile systems do not meet its operational requirements for defending its strike corps against enemy air attacks in forward areas. Instead, it wants the global route for procurement of four QR-SAM regiments,” said a source.

While missile systems from Israel, Russia and Sweden have underg…

CPEC faces mega threat from Indian

Ajit Doval creating Pakistan-China specific Intelligence cadre
Move to enable Indian NSA to have virtual control of India’s Intelligence mechanism
Doval sent proposal to PMO in January after detailed prior discussion with Premier Modi
NSA’s concept paper suggested raising new intelligence cadre to operate under NSCS on US pattern
New Intelligence cadre to have fresh specialist recruits from open market while selected IPS officers also to be inducted
IPS officers joining RAW had no option of going back to parent cadre while new service will provide this option
New intelligence component to feed all the three existing Indian intelligence outfits
Open market recruitments being made out of terror specialists of TTP, ETIM, former Afghan NDS personnel
Move pushed to fast track after Pakistani authorities started exposing RAW involvement in terror across Pakistan

From Christina Palmer and Anjali Sharma

NEW DELHI- China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is facing a brand new security threat and the r…

Indian nuclear scenario mocks World Nuclear Security Summit

World leaders meet over global nuclear security amidst India’s naked nukes
Highly irresponsible state of nuclear security, safety in India mocks global leaders
Nuclear Threat Initiative of Washington, places India’s “nuclear security practices” at a low 23rd rank among 25 countries known to possess at least a bomb’s-worth of fissile materials.
Constant theft of nuclear materials, uranium, outrago0us nuclear plants put global community on time bomb
Indian scientists’ concerns, IAEA’s reservations set aside by India in launching highly hazardous Kudankulam nuke plant
Global safety experts object to use of substandard components in Plant by Indians, equate Kudankulam with Fukushima in safety parameters
More than 80% of India’s nuclear and missile infrastructure based in the insurgency-hit areas or extremists’ dominated region
Growing Moist insurgency, Nexal dominance in India’s Red Corridor ring alarm bell across the globe with regard to nuke safety
The reasons behind fire at India’s top nuke fa…

Uri incident and India’s domestic terror networks

– Instead of addressing homegrown terror, India always suffice on accusing Pakistan for every terror incident
– Delhi thinks IoK is a paradise for its residents and only Pakistan’s involvement can cause any untoward situation there amidst Indian Army’s brutalities on natives
– A number of Indian cities ‘producing’ terrorism of all levels
– Maoist rebel activities at an all time high all across India
– Atrocities of Police, brutalities of Indian army under AFSPA causing mushroom growth of militant groups spreading rapidly especially in sensitive areas like Occupied Kashmir

By Makhdoom Babar

NEW DELHI: Just after around 27 minutes of the start of the incident at Indian army’s base camp at Uri in the disputed territory of Kashmir and right amidst the noise of gunshots as the incident was still in process, Indian media started accusing Pakistan of the ’ONGOING” terror incident.

What is India developing against China

– G‘ets over 200 hectares land along with China border
– Starts upgrading military air strips into full-fledged airports
– Plans establishing infantry, artillery, signals, aviation, intelligence infrastructure on China border
– Gets huge funds from govt to enhance night combat capabilities

From Christina Palmer
NEW DELHI: While the Indian government and its military establishment is inviting global attention towards escalation with Pakistan by activating military maneuvers along the LOC in Kashmir region, it actually is bidding to cover up what it is actually preparing for China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with borders at China, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.